Work Better

Shared Anytime, Anywhere Access

With Online50, all your users can work online in real time with the same software and data wherever they are.

Shared access anytime, anywhere

Sage For Macs
and iPads

Sage 50 software looks, feels and acts exactly the same accessed on a Mac as it would on a PC.

Sage for Macs and iPads

Online50 Service

This 5 minute animation gives an insight into some of the benefits of hosted software used over the Internet.

Online50 service explained

How Others Have Used Online50

Global Team,
Global Clients

Artaius Directors

Online50 allows this outsourced Accounting Practice the ability to work effectively as a global team as well as offer their global clients a solid and flexible solution including Sage 50 Accounts.

Global team, global clients

Accounts Available
Anytime, Anywhere

Lin Lawler used Online50 to keep a closer eye on her accounts

Online50 gave Lin Lawler the opportunity to avoid any nasty surprises.

Access accounts anytime, anywhere

Work Closely With
Your Accountant

Robert Walker Haulage

Online50 gave RW Haulage the ability to work more closely with their accountant.  With a young family, another bonus was the flexibility to work from home when he needed to.

Work closely with your accountant

Reasons To Choose Online50

Join Thousands of Online50 Users

Online50 have thousands of satisfied users

Thousands of users trust Online50 to host Sage.  While Sage is our speciality, we can host almost any business software.

Thousands of Sage Users

Multi User, Company & Version

Online50 Empowers Businesses

Online50 can offer a wider and more flexible range of Sage software online than any other company.

Multi user, company and version

More Than Just The Software

Online50 offers more than just software

Online50 is a service provider which means you get so much more than just the software.

So much more than just software