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Sage 50 for Macs & iPads

Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts Plus and Sage 50 Accounts Professional all work seamlessly with a Mac or iPad using the Online50 service. All Sage software and Sage 50 Accounts Add Ons offered by Online50 can be made to work in this way.

Online50 enables Mac users to access Sage 50 accounts and payroll

Sage Accounting Software for Macs

While there is a great range of creative software for Macs there is very little, if any, accounting software.  It was not what Macs were originally designed for.  With Online50, you can have all the benefits of running the Sage 50 Accounts, the UK's most popular accounting software, accessed on your Mac without having to install Windows.

There are alternatives but they tend to be slow and not suited to efficient work. With Online50, access the full version of your software with a Mac and enjoy a fast, simple and secure user experience.

Online50 enables you to access Sage 50  Accounts and Payroll from your iPad

Sage Software on the iPad

Online50 makes it possible to access Sage software with your iPad.  In fact, any business software you work with (that is Windows based) can be accessed on an iPad.

Many apps for the iPad are cut down versions.  With Online50, access the full version on your iPad over an Internet connection.

If using an iPad makes sense for your business, can you afford not to be able to access your full version business software wherever you need to work?

My this apple is tasty

You don't have to install Windows

With Online50 you don't need Windows to have access to Windows software like Sage 50 Accounts.

Keep your Apple products clear of Windows but benefit from using Sage on your Mac using an Internet browser.

With Online50 you can enjoy all the benefits of great software like Sage while enjoying the great experience of Apple products.

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