Business Use Scenarios

Online IT

Moving your business into the Cloud with Online50 provides your business with additional flexibility which could give you a competitive advantage.

Online Commerce

Online sales are increasingly important to business. Find out how Online50 can support your business with integrating your website and accounts data.

Online Accountancy Services

Providing in-Cloud accounting since 2001, and still supporting accountants working with their Clients from anywhere with access to any version of Sage 50 or SAP Business One.

Cloud Services

Application Hosting - Online50
SingLe Application (kiosk) Operation

The Online50 service is aimed at providing users with access to a single application at a time, like working with an App.  Users can have access to multiple applications and switch between them as needed.  Originally developed in 2001 Online50 service has helped thousands of businesses since it's launch in 2001.

Ideal For: those just starting out with the cloud, or smaller companies with standard software needs or a need for only a single application.

Go-To-Cloud infrastructure

The Cloudsourced.IT service provides a complete ‘go to the cloud’ service.  Based on a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI - also known as “Desktop as a service”) it allows you to put all (or a substantial part) of your IT into the Cloud.  Integration with IT remaining in your premises is possible.

Ideal For: users who are fully committed to the cloud, typically with more than 10 users and often with multiple workplaces.

Elastic Computing Platform
Flexible Computing Environments

The Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) service provides one or more server environments built with your choice of software.  The server environments are for your exclusive use but use some shared infrastructure.  The specifications of the servers can be flexed according to your changing needs.

Ideal For: users with a custom software requirement or more users.  Typically (but not always) customers have mnore than 5 users.