Sage online is better for business

Sage Online Is Better For Business

Sage 50 software hosted online retains all the normal features business owners across the globe have come to know and trust in their normal Sage 50 software.  Accessing Sage 50 over the Internet adds a number of additional benefits which make it altogether better for business.

New Ways To Use Sage 50 online:

It was an Online50 innovation that made it possible to offer Sage 50 Online in 2001.  Offering Sage Online is still what Online50 are best known for all these years later.

There are now others attempting to replicate the service, but so far we remain the original, the fastest and the best. Read more about why Sage Online is best from Online50.

Online50 provides shared access to software and data from anywhere at any time

Shared Access Anywhere, Anytime

With Sage online from Online50, all your users can work in the same Sage 50 dataset, in real time, wherever they need to work. All they need is an Internet connection.

Multiple Business Locations

People in different business locations can share the same Sage dataset or CRM.  Add ons like DocLink50 can give access to electronic copies of financial paperwork at any location.

Foreign Companies

For global companies preferring a single accounting system across the company, company datasets can be setup using different currencies with head office able to see all the data wherever they are based.

Remote Working

Allow staff or contractors the opportunity to work from the quiet of their homes.  All software and data will be available irrespective what kind of computer or tablet they have - or how old it is.

Share access to your software wherever and whenever you need it.

Online50 users can access Sage software using an iPad or a Mac easily

Sage For Macs and iPads

Sage 50 software looks, feels and acts exactly the same on a Mac as it would on a PC. 

Sage for Macs

Most people who purchase a Mac don't want to have to also install and maintain Windows software. With Sage online the software appears in an Internet browser and nothing is stored on the Mac.

Sage for iPads

In the same way, it is possible to work on full versions of your company business software on an iPad using an inexpensive third party application.

Your device, your choice.

For more about Sage For Macs and iPads click the link

Partial outsourcing helps lift the admin load

Part Outsource To A Bookkeeper Or Accountant

With Online50 you can easily outsource some or all aspects of your finances to your Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Whatever Works Best For Your Business

If your would prefer to capture invoices, get your Bookkeeper to process items for the purchase ledger and for your Accountant to do the month end and produce Monthly Reports - you can.

Forget The Hassle of Sending Backups

Now there is no need to send backups to your Accountant or upload backups with changes from the Accountant.  You can both work in the same software and both access the latest information.  So much more civilised.  You can watch a short video explaining how Online50 can help you to work more closely with your accountant here: Online50 Powered Accounting Services

Hosting can reduce total cost of ownership

Reduced Total Cost of IT Ownership

Less IT Asset Replacement

As the hard work is all done on our servers, it is not necessary to regularly replace older computers.  It could even be possible to get rid of your local server altogether.

Less IT Support Needed

As our engineers do most of the work, your IT support costs are likely to drop.

Some clients move their entire team onto our service and enjoy even bigger cost savings.

How could you survive a disaster

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

While nobody hopes to experience a disaster, they do happen.

Office Damage Shouldn't Damage The Business

Fire, theft or even electricity spikes could cause your business to lose data and prevent people from working. Industry figures suggest that businesses that experience a major disaster often go out of business within 12 months.

The impact of adverse conditions



Lower The Business Impact Of Adverse Conditions

Adverse weather, such as flooding or snow or even simply public transport disruptions could make it difficult for staff to get into the office. With hosting, you staff can be productive even if they are unable to get into the office.

More Options

While hosting cannot remove the risk of a disaster, it adds significantly to the options for how to help the business continue should you experience one.

Hosting provides great value and smoothes cashflow

Opex Rather Than Capex

In competitive markets, managing cashflow is more important than ever.

Move From Capex

Why take a cashflow hit when you buy hardware and software for the business upfront and then write it off in the balance sheet over a number of years?  You still have to factor in contingencies for when things go wrong.

Move To Opex

Now it is possible to rent computing capacity and software for as many users as you require each month.  No contingencies needed.

Added Online50 Features

So much more than just software:

  • The software is fully managed by our engineers
  • Best in class speed! Our Sage software will work more quickly than on a local network

Read up on So much more than just software.

Different Ways Of Working

Use Sage as normal and work differently:

  • Have shared access to Sage from anywhere, at anytime and from any device
  • Part outsource to a bookkeeper or accountant
  • Benefit from additional business continuity and disaster recovery measures

Read more about why Sage online is better for business.