Sage Online from Online50 is Best for Business

About Online50

When Online50 started in 2001, there were no other providers offering software over the Internet.  Now there are a few more companies who have jumped on the band wagon.  So why choose Online50?

Online50 were Sage's first and only Authorised Application Service Partner

Sage's Trusted Partner

Although no longer a partner with Sage, for almost 20years, Online50 were the only company that Sage had ever appointed as an Authorised Application Service Partner.  In 2001, our CEO and Founder Rob Lambden approached Sage about offering Sage 50 online.  Sage considered this impossible and so initially agreed an exclusive deal.

Since then there have been companies who have tried to copy what we do.  Unfortunately it is not as easy as we make it look.  If you are looking for a Sage online specialist, rather than a general hosting company who also does Sage, or a Sage reseller who also dabbles in hosting, speak to Online50 - the original, and still the best.

Online50 have thousands of satisfied users

Thousands of Sage Online Users

Thousands of users trust Online50 with their company financial data and many have been with us for more than 10 years.

Accounting practices trust Online50 to provide Sage 50 Accounts to their own staff and to their clients.  We provide Sage Online to accountants like RSM UK, Wilkins Kennedy, PKF Littlejohn, Japanese Financial Solutions, Erremme Business Advisors (Malta), Atraxa Consulting and Alliotts as well as to many businesses worldwide.

If your accountant doesn't yet work online, get them to contact us today.

It's the Online50 magic that makes everything work

A Touch Of Online50 Magic

The secret Online50 'Magic Sauce' is what gives our service its speed and stability.  Our engineers specialise in making desktop and network software work in a hosted environment — even when it would not normally do so.  Our 'Magic Sauce' can often make the impossible ... possible.

Recently one of the Sage developers we work with told us that he has worked on many Sage online products, but the only UK supplier he will recommend is Online50.  When we asked why, he said we were the only providers who had spent the time working out how to make Sage operate quickly over the Internet.

Online50 Are Certified Secure

Certified Secure - ISO 27001

Our entire service is externally audited annually in order to maintain our ISO 27001 accreditation which is the international standard for information security.

The equipment is housed in two tier 1 data centers with very high levels of security. All communication between a user’s computer and our servers is at least 128 bit encrypted (the same level as used in online banking).

As a registered Internet Services Provider we can provide innovative solutions for businesses looking for optimum performance.

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Online50 allows you to integrate your business systems in the cloud

Integrated Business Systems

Save time and money by integrating your business systems.  Whether it is payroll, CRM, sales information or specialist operational software, if it can be integrated, our systems will make it all available wherever you need it.

With Online50 all the software and data is located in our servers and data centres.  It is therefore protected by the same internationally recognised standards of security, backup and disaster recovery standards.

Online50 is independent of the softare vendors we host

Independent of Software Vendors

Online50 is a service provider, not a software vendor.  We can therefore recommend any software we believe will positively impact on your business.

Almost any software can be hosted online.  We currently have a range of businesses who have located all their software on our servers.  From CRM to fundraising software and from accounting practice management to freight forwarding software, our servers are used by forward thinking companies all over the world to gain a competitive advantage.

Different Ways Of Working

Use Sage as normal and work differently:

  • Have shared access to Sage from anywhere, at anytime and from any device
  • Part outsource to a bookkeeper or accountant
  • Benefit from additional business continuity and disaster recovery measures

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Added Online50 Features

So much more than just software:

  • The software is fully managed by our engineers
  • Best in class speed! Accessing Sage software hosted on the Online50 systems will typically work more quickly than on a local network

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