Sage Online Pricing

Online50 gives your business the maximum flexibility.  With calendar month contracts, pay only for what you need.

If your needs increase, get more users and pay a higher fee.  If your needs decrease, reduce the number of users and pay a lower fee.

Why pay upfront for licenses you may not need?

Pricing Components

There are 3 components for pricing.

Registered Users

The number of people that need to be able to log into the system (everyone needs their own login)

Hosted Desktops

The number of those people who need to work online at the same time


The software required.

Some software is licensed on a per company basis which means any user from the company can use the software up to the number of licenses paid for.  Sage 50 Accounts software works like this.  If there is a 2 user license any 2 users can use Sage 50 Accounts at a time.

Other software is licensed on a per user basis.  Microsoft Office is licensed in this way - if User 1 needs Office, the licence is allocated to, and can only be used by, User 1.

For Example:

It is quite common for companies to need 2 users in the business and their accountant - making 3 registred users.  If they are light users of the system they would probably only need to have one person working online at a time.

We also have companies that add their accountant just for the months when Vat is due and then remove them after that.  So for most of the year they only have 1 or 2 users but for 4 months of the year, they increase by 1.

Some larger companies have a large number of datasets and users.  While they may have 15 or more users, no more than 10 of those users would be working in a Sage 50 data set at a time.  Those users could be spread across the country and frequently across the globe.

With Online50, your business can get all the benefits of hosted software whether you are very small or much larger.

Price Range

With that level of flexibility it is impossible to indicate a precise price upfront.

What you pay will be based on what you need.  Our standard Online50 service starts from £59 per calendar month — with additional software and options the cost per user can rise to over £100 per month.  For users that need infrequent access we offer a restircited use service from just £20 per month.

What do you need?  Give our team a call today and they can give you a price to reflect your own individual needs.

Price Negotiation - Our Aim Is To Be Fair To All

Some people call hoping to negotiate a discount.  As a company, we do everything in our power to keep our prices fair (there have only been 2 price rises since 2001!).

For that reason, we only have 2 price points:

  • The recommended retail price (RRP) which is the only price available through Online50.
  • A bulk discount to Accounting and Bookkeeping Practices who sign up as Partners.

Our intention is a fair deal for all.

Although your accountant won't offer a discount, there are tools they can use which will make the service they can offer you even better.

If your accountant is not yet a Partner encourage them call and find out how the Online50 service could help them and their clients.