SAP Business One From Online50

Online50 provides access to SAP Business One software running in our data centres for users to access over the Internet.

Online50 has a unique offering including SAP Business One software for our customers.  Online50 are an SAP OEM Partner, and the nature of our agreement with SAP means that our offer to customers is not limited to being the same as the standard offer available from a typical SAP reseller.  We have chosen to be an SAP OEM partner so that we have the ability to offer the most flexible terms for subscribing to a service providing SAP Business One.

The key components of the SAP Business One offer from Online50:

Monthly Contracts

Online50 give you the freedom of a calendar monthly contract.  You can flex your subscription for Online50 services, including software licenses, up or down as you require.  You pay a known fee for a service or a software license to be available to you in any particular calendar month, irrespective of how much you use that service or license in that month.  You can reduce or cancel service at any time, but we do ask for one calendar months notice, meaning that you are obligated to pay for at least the calendar month following the month in which you give notice.

You should consider an investment in a product like SAP Business One to be a long term commitment.  Typically you would expect to be able to continue using the product for five years or more.  However Online50 do not tie you in to using the product in conjunction with our services.  If you choose to continue using SAP Business One, but you no longer need to use our hosting services, then you can arrange to have the SAP Business One software installed on your own equipment and continue using the same software without being tied to an Online50 service or subscription.  You are free to take your data with you and because it is standard SAP software you can use the data offline if you need to.

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Rented License

As an OEM partner of SAP, Online50 are authorised to provide you with access to software licenses that we own to cover your use of the software.  This is how we can make the terms so flexible for you.  As we own the license you are renting the license from us for the duration of your subscription.  As you are using our license, and only paying for the use of licenses for the duration of your subscription, if you leave our service you will need to obtain sufficient SAP Business One licenses if you want to carry on using the software.

Alongside the software licenses for SAP Business One we provide all of the necessary system infrastructure and software licenses required to deliver the service.  Other application software licenses can be provided if required to ensure that you have all of the software you need to make the best use of your SAP Business One system.

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Basis For Licensing

Every natural person (a real living human) that wants to use SAP Business One must be licensed.  This means that every person that uses the software must be licensed, regardless of how many use it at the same time.  Users may have access to multiple companies using the same license.  Each corporate structure that makes use of SAP Business One may have multiple companies in the group structure when those companies are majority owned subsidiaries of the corporate entity which is subscribing to the service.  The minimum number of user licenses for an SAP Business One deployment is a single user license (that user license being at either the Starter or Professional levels).  This means that an accountancy service provider that wants to setup companies for clients must set these up as separate deployments (as they are not part of the same corporate structure as the accountancy service provider) and must license at least one Starter user license or one Professional user license for that deployment.

Online50 provide SAP Business One as part of a subscription to an Ambition Enterprise license.  This is in accordance with our SAP OEM Agreement that allows us to include SAP Business One as part of our own product offering.

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Flexible Licensing Points

SAP Business One is provided in a number of different licensing points providing different sets of features.  Online50 has packaged these licenses into a service bundle provided with Ambition Enterprise licenses.  The mapping of the SAP Business One licenses into Ambition Enterprise licenses is as follows:

SAP Business One License   Ambition Enterprise License
Starter   Ambition Accelerator
Limited Financials   Ambition Financials
Limited Logistics   Ambition Logistics
Limited CRM   Ambition Sales and Service
Professional   Ambition Advantage

You can find out more about the different levels of licensing, and the features available at each level at this link.

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Shared Infrastructure

Online50 own and operate all of the equipment used to provide our services to users.  Users share our infrastructure, allowing every user to benefit from our enterprise class systems.  We manage the infrastructure so users do not need to worry about upgrades or maintenance of the IT systems, they can concentrate on running their businesses.

We invest heavily in our IT infrastructure, but as the infrastructure is shared users only pay a fraction of the cost as part of their subscription, giving them great performance and great value.

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Ambition Forms

With Online50 every subscription to SAP Business One is a bundled subscription that includes our Ambition Forms service.  This innovative service allows business processes to be extended beyond the business, and enhances integration of different systems including SAP Business One.  Using Ambition Forms it becomes possible to route business data to users outside the organisation, allowing them to interact with that data and participate in the business process in a secure and controlled way.

Ambition Forms will be released in stages throughout 2015.  Subscribers will benefit from added functionality on release.

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Service Delivery

Online50 is a Service Provider.  For us this means that our business is about providing service, and the service we provide is hosted business software.  Our service delivery team is based in the UK.  We provide users with access to SAP Business One using one of our hosting services.  Which service is most appropriate for a particular customer depends on a number of factors and we discuss needs with individual customers to determine the most appropriate service for them.  In summary the services available to provide SAP Business One are:

Online50   A fully managed service providing access to a range of standard applications available on individual subscriptions.
Elastic Computing Platform (ECP)   Customers have access to a customised installation running on a system dedicated to their use.   A fully managed service based around a defined and maintained software loadset (image) on which a number of dedicating computing nodes are built.

You can find details of our application hosting services at this link.

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Support & Services

A system like SAP Business One has a lot of configuration options and can adapt to suit the needs of different businesses.  This means it is important to ensure that the system is setup appropriately for different businesses.  For smaller implementations we offer a low cost implementation service where we take the time to discover how you want the system to work, setup the system, import your opening balances and provide user training for a fixed cost.  Additional work is chargeable if required.  Larger systems typically require a more complex implementation.

We categorise our services as follows:

Consultancy identifies and plans change.

Implementation has an agreed set of objectives with clear completion criteria.

Training is to impart knowledge to users.  Trainers cannot guarantee users will retain knowledge.

Support is assist trained users with unfamiliar tasks.

Our UK based team supports the use of both SAP Business One software and our hosting platform.  Support is only given in the English language.  For support of the SAP Business One software we agree with our customers which users will be telephoning for support and we make a small charge for those users.  This is to encourage the development of expertise within the customer's businesses by channeling support through designated customer personnel.

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Pricing Model

We offer our services by subscription.  Your subscription will include software licenses as well as service elements.  Some software licenses are charged by the total number of simultaneous users, some by the total number of actual people regardless of hoe many are active at once, some incorporate charges for resources, and some are a combination.  SAP Business One is licensed to 'natural persons' so customers must have a license for every individual that uses the software.

Usually Online50 subscriptions are on a per user per calendar month basis.  Calendar monthly means that the fee payable for your service is for use in a calendar month irrespective of the amount of use.  It also means that any reduction of service requires a calendar months notice.  Any services we provide, such as consultancy or training, will be charged for as supplied.

We provide fully itemised billing, and depending on which service is chosen different users can be given access to different software.  This allows a flexible and tailored service that can adapt to match your requirements.

SAP Business One (Ambition Enterprise) Pricing

The license costs for using SAP Business One with Online50 are based on a per named user per calendar month charge.  All prices shown exclude VAT and are on an E&OE basis.  The current prices (excluding VAT) for the software licenses are:

SAP Business One License   Ambition Enterprise License   Subscription Cost
StarterAmbition Accelerator£26.00
Limited FinancialsAmbition Financials£31.00
Limited LogisticsAmbition Logistics£31.00
Limited CRMAmbition Sales and Service£31.00
ProfessionalAmbition Advantage£62.00

For SAP Business One services that fall outside of our standard service packages we charge a rate of £750 per day plus expenses.

Example Solution Pricing

The following examples are for illustrative purposes only.  Please contact us at this page to ask for a quote for your own requirements.  All prices exclude VAT and are on an E&OE basis.

Example 1:  Three user system using the Online50 Service.  All users to be active at the same time.  One user to have access to Microsoft Office for integration with Excel and spreadsheet modeling.  Customer is responsible for their own equipment and Internet connectivity.

Hosting Fees
Hosting Fees and Licensing for 3 Named Users totaling  £39.99
Hosting Fees and Licensing for 3 Simultaneous Connections totaling £114.51
Application Software License Fees
Ambition Accelerator (Business One Starter) for 3 Named Users totaling £78.00
Microsoft Office Professional for 1 Named User £15.00
Support Fees
Telephone and email support for hosting service free
Unlimited SAP Business One support of one designated contact £12.50
Monthly Costs £260.00

Setup Costs
Setup Costs for 3 Named Users totaling  £75.00
Standard Implementation  £3,000.00
Total Setup Costs £3,075.00

Example 2:  A fully outsourced IT system for 25 users.  All users have Microsoft Office Standard and hosted email.  Requirements for licensing SAP Business One are: 5 users at Professional level, 5 at Limited Financials level, 5 at Limited Logistics level, and 10 at Limited CRM level.  Online50 provide thin client devices and Internet connectivity to the customers premises.  This is a drop in replacement for an existing IT system.  Prices shown are monthly costs under a three year contract.

Hosting Fees service for 25 hosted desktops totaling  £913.50
Rental of 25 thin client devices totaling  £375.00
Provision of leased line with fibre backup for Internet connectivity  £336.00
Application Software License Fees
Standard application software licenses for 25 users totaling  £462.50
Ambition Advantage (SAP Business One Professional): 5 users totaling £310.00
Ambition Financials (SAP Business One Limited Financials): 5 users totaling £155.00
Ambition Logistics (SAP Business One Limited Logistics): 5 users totaling £155.00
Ambition Sales and Service (SAP Business One Limited CRM): 10 users totaling £310.00
Support Fees
Telephone and email support for hosting service free
Unlimited SAP Business One support of 3 designated contacts £37.50
Monthly Costs £3,054.50

Setup Costs
Setup Costs for service  £1,500.00
SAP Business One Consultancy and Implementation  £7,500.00
SAP Business One User Training  £2,250.00
Total Setup Costs £11,250.00

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