SAP Business One: Your Unfair Advantage

Business software helps businesses to work with their information.  To organise, process and examine information.  A business that uses appropriate business software, that is appropriately setup for their requirements, will be more successful at working with information.

Business software can't think for you, but it can provide the information that you need, when and where you need it.

Business software can't make a customer order from you, but it can help you to process that order quickly and accurately.

Business software can't create or close new opportunities, but it can help you to organise and track your opportunities, giving you time to find more.

Using business software that's appropriate for your needs, and setup correctly for your business, frees the talent in your business to have the time to add value to develop your business.  If you aren't happy with what you get from your current business software, talk to us about your needs to see if SAP Business One could be the business advantage you've been looking for.

SAP Business One: Before and After

To illustrate the effect of moving away from inadequate business software, consider these scenarios showing the advantages that have been achieved by switching to business software that is appropriate to the needs of the business.

Simplified Operations

A small distributor of imported products into the UK found found that by switching to SAP Business One they eliminated several in-house speadsheets that had been used for tracking as their previous system did not cater for all of the information they needed.  They also found that the multi-currency capabilities of the product not only saved them time but also gave them more accurate financial information with less work.

Improved Quotation Process

A supplier and installer of technical scientific equipment found improvements in the way the provided quotes to customers.  With highly technical products they had previously relied on a separate system that they had commissioned to construct the quotes for them.  When switching to SAP Business One this functionality was implemented in the SAP Business One software through the means of customisation.  Now they are able to operate from a single product database and convert accepted quotes to orders, and fulfil those orders, from within the same system.

Improved Service Operations

A catering machines supplier and installer found that after implementing SAP Business One they improved the efficiency and profitability of their service operations.  Service engineers may need to order parts for a customer machine.  Before using SAP Business One they would call in to the office to have the part ordered.  This was often not linked to the service contract for the customer and so many parts that should have been charged for weren't.  Since using SAP Business One the service engineers can order the parts themselves while on site, and link the purchase order or stock issue to the customer's service contract.  SAP tracks the parts to the customer and ensures that service parts are billed for correctly.  Whether parts are charged for or not, the SAP Business One software tracks the parts that have been used in the contract, providing a much more accurate view of profitability.

Improved Stock Recovery

A firm of heating engineers switched to using SAP Business One.  Previously they had no process to return left over parts to stock at the end of an installation.  If parts were returned they often came in months after the original installation and were damaged.  Since implementing SAP Business One they have found that the value of stock being recovered from these installations is more than the cost of the system.  As their previous system did not properly support their operations they were losing stock, now with SAP Business One they recover stock and do not need to buy so much improving profitability and cash flow.