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Many smaller businesses do not think of looking at SAP Business One software.  We often hear comments that people think it is only for the very largest of companies.  While it is true that most world-leading large companies do run SAP Software, they use software that is appropriate for their business.  SAP Business One software has been designed for smaller businesses and is available for single user installations.

Online50 provide access to SAP Business One Software for a monthly subscription.  With our fair and transparent monthly subscription users can access the software over the Internet.  The software and all necessary servers run in our data centres and are fully managed by us.  Users don't have the hassle of maintaining their IT, they just need to connect to their software and run their business.

By choosing SAP Business One you are selecting a system that can support a wide variety of business needs and can scale with you as your business grows.  The largest SAP Business One systems support hundreds of users, the smallest systems have only a single user.

By choosing SAP Business One Online from Online50 you are selecting exactly the same flexible software, but also a supplier that gives you a flexible monthly contract and the industry leading performance and reliability of the Online50 service.

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Business Benefits of SAP Business One

What benefits do real world customers realise from using SAP Business One?  That's an important question and one that was recently put to real customers in a survey.  We have pulled out the top five reasons given by customers and presented them for you here for your convenience.

Customers Quoted: Visibility, Efficiency, Flexibility, Growth and Fast Adoption as their top 5 benefits.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Think you can't afford SAP software?  Think again.  Thanks to Online50's flexible subscriptions and adoption packages you could be using this powerful and fully integrated business management and accounting package sooner and more cheaply than you think.  Find out more at this link.

SAP Business One: great value for growing businesses.

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Why SAP Business One From Online50

Online50 have created a service range for delivering SAP Business One that is tailored to a hosted subscription model, with fast deployment, low initial investment and flexible monthly terms.  Online50 are an OEM Partner of SAP, not just a reseller, and as a hosting specialist that has been in the Cloud since before it was called the Cloud our expertise and experience is behind our SAP Business One services.

Find out more about how Online50 delivers SAP Business One at this link.

SAP Business One from Online50: Flexible monthly terms with low initial cost and great support and services.

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Your Unfair Advantage

Business software should make it easier to work with your information.  When businesses discover that their system doesn't give them what they need they try to adapt, perhaps 'bolting on' additional spreadsheets or perhaps restricting themselves to what the software allows them to do.  Find out more at this page about how SAP Business One has helped businesses manage their information giving them an unfair advantage

Your Unfair Advantage: Better handling of information frees the talent in your business to produce growth.

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SAP Business One Features

SAP Business One provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to help you to manage your business.  We don't explain all of the features in detail on this site, but we have provided an overview of the capabilities that we have seen are typically important to users.  You can read more at this page.

SAP Business One: Fully featured integrated software for managing your small to medium business.

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SAP Business One Compared To Sage 50 Accounts

Online50 provide both Sage 50 Accounts and SAP Business One.  Users can access both on the Cloud using our flexible and powerful hosting services.  The products are different and although there is some overlap different companies will be better suited to one or the other.  We have provided an overview of the differences between the products at this page for your convenience.

SAP Business One or Sage 50: Two products that can support your business — we help you understand the differences.

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SAP Business One Customer Success Stories

SAP Business One has been specifically designed for smaller businesses.  With the flexibility and scalability of the product it has been implemented by all sorts of businesses of different sizes around the world.  We present some customer success stories at this page.

Customer quote: “I would recommend SAP Business One to any business of our size ... it's not expensive, and it's a comprehensive business tool for any company that really wants to understand how it is operating.”.

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About The Picture

How do you you choose a picture for something like the SAP Business One proposition from Online50?  We could have had a lot of smiling people, and then related each person to an area of significance to tell a story, but then we would just have more pictures of happy people.  At the time we decided to integrate SAP Business One into our service portfolio we knew that we had a compelling offer, but that it was unexpected.  So we wanted to represent the product as supporting you on a journey.  When running a business of any size we are not always sure that we will end up where we planned to go because we cannot control the market.  The flexibility and scalability of SAP Business One from Online50 means that it can support you through the changes that we know will come, even if we don't yet know exactly what they are.

Also, the picture is taken in the Swiss Alps.  In Switzerland they speak three languages, French, German and Italian.  With Business One different users in the same company can have the program presented in a different language allowing them all to work together whether they are in the same office or different ones.  Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc, but most businesses will also transact in different currencies, especially the Euro.  Again, the multi-currency features of SAP Business One make this easy to achieve.  Finally Switzerland is famous for being neutral, and at Online50 we have always held the view that we are vendor neutral, we just want to supply the most appropriate software for our users.  By continuing to offer Sage 50 Accounts, and now also offering SAP Business One, we are making good on our responsibilities to look after the interests of our users.

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