Hosted Software
Better For Business

Online50 pioneered and created the market for Sage Online in 2001. Having created the market, they then identified software that people wanted to integrate with Sage 50 Accounts online. Now the list is even longer.

When hosted by Online50, users of normal Windows based business software can use their software in new ways which makes it altogether better for business.

The Windows based business software retains all the normal features.

New Ways To Use Your Software:

Online50 allows for shared access to software and data from anywhere and at anytime

Shared Access Across Time Zones

With online software from Online50, all your users can access all their software and data from any time zone. All they need is an Internet connection.

Whether in the cubicle next door, at another office on the opposite side of the globe or catching up on work from home, staff can work on their software and data as normal.

By separating the software and data from the machine required to access it, companies can be confident that their staff can work productively from anywhere and on any device. The goal is to make best use of the company's most expensive line item - staff.

With software online, you have the flexibility to work in the way that best suits your company rather than being forced to work in a way that best suits the software

Share access to your software wherever and whenever you need it.

Online50 users can access software on a PC, Mac or iPad very easily

Business Software For Macs and iPads

With hosting, industry standard business software will look, feel and act exactly the same on a Mac as it would on a PC.

So whether your company has standardised on Macs, or staff have Macs at home, everyone can work on the same software.

Most people who purchase a Mac don't want to have to also install and maintain Windows software. With software from Online50 the software appears in an Internet browser and nothing is stored on the Mac.

In the same way, it is possible to work on full versions of your company business software on an iPad using an inexpensive third party application.

With Hosted Exchange your calendar, contacts and emails will sync automatically with your enabled smartphone.

Your device, your choice.

Part Outsource To A Bookkeeper Or Accountant

Outsource More Easily

Most businesses have periods when they need additional people and skills in order to grow. This used to entail having to provide a desk, computer, licenses as well as phones and hours of getting them setup so they could work effectively in the office.

With Online50, outsourcing to temporary additional staff is made a lot easier.

A simple form sent in will result in the new user being setup with all the software they need and access to the data they need. They can also be prevented from seeing the data that does not relate to their role. A flat fee includes all their licenses on a monthly basis.

When the project or heavier work flow passes, a simple form will ensure the user will be removed and the company will stop paying for those licenses.

Online50 cannot give you the people to fill the gap, but with our service, once you find them, within hours they can be productively working for you. Easy.

Hosting contributes towards business continuity planning and disaster recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

While nobody hopes to experience a disaster, they do happen. Fire, theft or even flood damage could cause your business to lose data and prevent people from working. Industry figures suggest that businesses that experience a major disaster often go out of business within 12 months.

Adverse weather, such as snow could make it difficult for staff to get into the office. Would your staff being able to work and would they be able to acess their software and data?

With hosting, if your business were to be disrupted in some way, you would still be able to send out invoices, chase debts and pay suppliers - even if that was done from a staff member's home or a hastily rented serviced office. For a services business at the very least, they would be able to carry on exactly as usual, albeit from an alternative geographic location.

Your business continues regardless.

Most business software is better when it is hosted.
Find out why: Online software is best when hosted by Online50.