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Managed Hosting Services

Online50 are a Service Provider that specialises in providing hosting services.

Standard Application Hosting — The Online50 Service

The original service providing access to hosted accountancy software, since it's launch in 2001 the Online50 service has provided managed access to applications on demand.  Users subscribe to whichever applications they choose, with a menu of well over 100 applications available currently.  Originally focussed on Sage50 accounts, the Online50 service is still the best platform available to host whichever version you choose of the UK's favourite accounting software, together with a range of complementary software packages all available on an opt-in, opt-out calendar month subscription.

Ideal For: Companies needing access to standard software in a controlled and fully managed environment.  Typically customers need less than 10 users (there is no upper limit).

Custom Application Hosting — The ECP Service

Our Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) provides servers (Elastic Computers) to your users to enable you to run any software you need (subject to licence).  We ensure that the system is setup correctly for you and work closely with your software vendors to ensure that the system operates properly in our environment.  Although the server is dedicated to you it runs in our managed environment, which allows you to connect to other services and data — for example using a fault tolerant SQL Server cluster rather than building your own, or connecting to Sage datasets hosted on the Online50 service.  As we do not know the software on the ECP software we cannot support your application software, but we do support the infrastructure and environment.

Ideal For: Companies that need access to a defined set of software in a managed environment.  Typically ECP Servers serve 5 or more users.

Complete Hosted IT — The Cloudsourced.IT Service

Companies that want to move their IT into "the Cloud" can use the Cloudsourced.IT service to do so.  This is a completely managed service based around providing Cloud Desktops to your users with a defined set of sofwtare loaded. Changes to your system are carried out on a managed project basis and normally provide a way to roll back any problem upgrades.  Also known as a Virtual Desktop Infrastructre (VDI) a fully managed cloud based infrastructure is increasingly being seen as the way to get best value and performance from your IT budget.

Ideal For: Companies that want to move their operations into the Cloud with a trusted provider.  Typically customers have at least 10 users.

Choosing Your Service

We are very happy to talk to you about your requirements to help you decide which of our managed services will be best for you.  Please see our Contact Details for how to contact us.  Often you will find that more than one of our services 'fits' your requirements and we will help you decide which of the services is best for you.  As a brief guide there are a number of factors that may influence your decision:

Online50 Service ECP Service Cloudsourced.IT Service

Software Available Broad range of standard applications Any software subject to any licensing constraints made by the vendor.  Some software may have technical constraints in different environments.

User Experience Online50 Application Presentation (there is no Windows Desktop) Windows Desktop.

Software Environment Software runs in a user session in a shared Operating System Environment (OSE) Software runs in a user session in a dedicated OSE.

Customer Tenancy Multiple customers supported in a single OSE Single customer per OSE.

Security Accreditation Fully accredited to ISO 27001 Fully accredited to ISO 27001 but authorised customer users can make administrative changes which may affect the availability, integrity or confidentiality of customer data. Fully accredited to ISO 27001