SAP Business One Highlights

SAP Business One is integrated business management software.  This page provides highlights of the features available in the software.  For full documentation of all of the features in the product please contact us using this page.

As an integrated system the underlying data is all linked and can be accessed in different ways and from different parts of the system.  For convenience we will look at the broad areas covered by SAP Business One software.

Financials Powerful financial capabilities including comprehensive multi-currency support, flexible accounting periods, budgeting, cost accounting, flexible chart of accounts, payment controls.
Sales Flexible sales management and order processing with support for campaign tracking, automated dunning (credit control), multiple currency price lists, period and volume discounts.
Purchasing Comprehensive control of purchasing including purchase requests, RFQ (request for quotation), purchase order process, back to back fulfillment of sales orders, landed costs with full Intrastat reporting.
Stock Control Rich stock control capabilities including serial and batch number tracking, expiry date tracking, multiple warehouses, multiple locations per warehouse, stock transfers, support for multiple pack sizes.
Production Fully featured production module supporting production orders, bill of materials, item sets (kitting), forecasts, MRP, make to order, purchase recommendations, life cycle management.
Service Integrated service management across multiple customer interactions, service contracts, service planning, customer equipment tracking, knowledge database, HR integration.

We have not included CRM in the list above.  The CRM capabilities of the product are 'system-wide' and therefore do not fall into the breakdown we made for convenience above.

Specific Product Feature Highlights

We have found that there are certain features that customers are typically looking for when they choose SAP Business One.  If you don't see what you are looking for below then please contact us using this page to ask about your requirement.  This is not a complete list of features, but we hope you find it helpful.  If you are already familiar with Sage 50 accounts then you may want to view this comparison of the two products.

International Capability

SAP Business One is a single product that is marketing worldwide by SAP.  It's used in more than 150 countries, it supports 27 languages and 41 different localisations (altering the legislative support).  A single company will have one localisation (set of legislative requirements) but may support different languages allowing users to operate the product using the language that best suits themselves.

International support is also enhanced by the general ledger (nominal ledger) supporting dual currency operation.  Different companies in a corporate structure can have different local currencies but a common reporting currency.  As the general ledger is dual currency it will always balance in both the local currency and the common reporting currency.

Flexible Accounting Periods

SAP Business One allows you to define whatever accounting periods you need.  A retail business may prefer to operate a year of 13 four week periods.  A property company may prefer to operate a year of four quarters.  Periods can start and end on any date.  If you need to change your accounting year end you can have a long or short 'year'.  Periods can be kept open, once they are closed they are only altered by the use of journals.  The system recognises period end adjustments allowing you to produce reports for actual trading performance as well as adjusted performance.

Easy Access To Information

SAP Business One provides easy access to connected information throughout the product.  In addition to the ability to drill-down into data the product also supports dashboards with real-time presentation of key information for users.  Included with the product is the ability to build ad-hoc queries intuitively and the powerful Crystal Reports system is also made available.

Dimensional Analysis

SAP Business One allows the general ledger (nominal ledger) codes to be extended by the use of from one to five additional dimensions as well as by a project tag.  These extensions allow a set of codes to be defined by the user, optionally with an expiry date, effectively extending the structure of the general ledger to allow analysis by these dimensions.  If your business needs to produce financial reports based on different areas of the business then using these dimensions gives you an additional five dimensions by which you can 'slice and dice' your financial reports.

Multi Device Operation

With Online50 it is possible to access the full version of SAP Business One from your Mac, iPad or Android tablet.  In addition there are standard 'apps' available for tablet users to connect to SAP Business One to view data and carry out a restricted set of functions.  Online50 customers receive SAP Business One by means of an Ambition Enterprise license which includes both SAP Business One and Ambition Forms.  Ambition Forms provides a range of capabilities to tablet users, extending the capabilities of the product further.

License Levels

Online50 provides as Business One as part of an Ambition Enterprise subscription.  The SAP Business One license levels, and the corresponding Ambition Accounts license levels are as follows:

SAP Business One License   Ambition Enterprise License   Key in Features Table
Starter Ambition Accelerator A
Limited FinancialsAmbition FinancialsF
Limited LogisticsAmbition LogisticsL
Limited CRMAmbition Sales and ServiceS
Professional Ambition Advantage +

A single subscription can include a group of companies in a corporate group structure.  Users either all have Ambition Accelerator (SAP Business One Starter) licenses if there are 5 or less users, or they have a mix of the other licenses with at least one user licensed for Ambition Advantage (SAP Business One Professional).  The features available to users with each of the licenses are shown below.

Key to Feature Operations Table

Full operation 
Partial* operation 
Read only operation 
Feature not supported 

*Partial operation applies where the feature uses data managed by another feature which is not supported.  The unsupported feature will not be accessible via the feature with partial operation.

The features included at each license level are shown on this table:

A F L S +
Administration Module
Create New Company
Choose Company
Exchange Rates and Indexes
System Initialisation
General Setup
Change Password
Financial Setup
Sales Opportunites Setup
Purchasing Setup
Business Partners Setup
Payment Term Settings
Banking Settings
Stock Control Setup
Bin Location Setup
Resource Setup
Service Setup
Data Import & Export
Approval Procedures
Approval Procedures Reports
Add-On Manager
Add-On Administration
Mobile Add-On
Alerts Management
Workflow Manager
Workflow Operations
Financials Module
Chart of Accounts
Edit Chart of Accounts
Account Code Generator
Journal Entry
Journal Vouchers
Posting Templates
Recurring Postings
Reverse Transactions
Exchange Rate Differences
Conversion Differences
1099 Adjustments
Financial Report Templates
Document Printing
Journal Voucher Report
Fixed Assets
Internal Reconciliations
Budget Setup
Setup Nominal Dimensions and Cost Codes
Financial Reports and Dashboards
Sales Module
Sales Quotation
Sales Order
Sales Down Payment Request
Sales Down Payment Invoice
Sales Invoice
Sales Invoice & Payment
Sales Credit Note
Sales Reserve Invoice
Document Generation Wizard
Recurring Transactions & Templates
Document Printing
Credit Control Wizard
Sales Reports & Dashboard
Sales Correction Invoice
Sales Correction Invoice Reversal
Sales Monthly Invoice
Sales Export Invoice
Sales Exempt Bill
Sales Debit Note
Excise Invoice
Sales Opportunities Module
Sales Opportunity
Sales Opportunities Reports and Dashboards
Purchasing Module
Purchase Request
Purchase Quotation
Purchase Order
Goods Receipt (from P/O)
Goods Return
Purchasing Down Payment Request
Purchasing Down Payment Invoice
Purchase Invoice
Purchase Credit Note
Purchase Reserve Invoice
Recurring Transactions & Templates
Landed Costs
Procurement Confirmtion Wizard
Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard
Document Printing
Purchasing Reports and Dashboards
Purchase Correction Invoice
Purchase Correction Invoice Reversal
Purchase Monthly Invoice
Purchase Excise Invoice
Purchase Debit Note
Business Partners Module
Business Partner Master Data
Blanket Agreement
Campaign Management
Internal Reconciliations
Business Partners Reports & Dashboards
Banking Module
Incoming Payments
Outgoing Payments
Payment Wizard
Bank Statements and External Reconciliations
Cheque Number Confirmation
Document Printing
Banking Reports and Dashboards
Bill of Exchange
Stock Control Module
Stock Item Master Data
Serial Numbers & Batches
Define Bar Codes
Bin Location Master Data
Bin Location Management
Bin Location Code Modification
Alternative Items
Business Partner Catalogue Numbers
Stock Valuation Method
Goods Received
Stock Issue
Stock Transfer Request
Stock Transfer
Recurring Transactions & Templates
Stock Opening Balances, Tracking, Posting
Stock Counting
Cycle Count Recommendations
Stock Revaluation
Price Lists
Pick & Pack
Stock Control Reports & Dashboards
Resources Module
Resource Master Data
Resource Capacity
Set Daily Internal Capacity
Production Module
Bill Of Materials
Bill of Materials - Component Management
Production Order
Procurement Confirmation Wizard
Receipt From Production
Issue From Production
Update Parent Item Prices Globally
Production Reports & Dashboards
MRP Module
MRP Wizard
Order Recommendation
Service Module
Service Call
Customer Equipment Card
Service Contracts
Solution Knowledge Base
Service Reports and Dashboards
HR Module
Employee Master Data
Human Resources Reports and Dashbaords
Reports Module
Set Default Layout For Document
Modify Print Layouts
Query Manager
General Module
Form Settings
Message/Alert Overview
Formatted Search
Create User Defined Fields & Tables
Use User Defined Fields & Tables
Drag & Relate
Personalised Menu
Multiple Branches
SAP HANA Extensions Module
Pervasive Analytics Dashbaord Designer
Pervasive Analytics Dashboards
Cash Flow Forecasting
Advanced Availability to Promise
Enterprise Search
Add-Ons Module
DATEV FI Interface
Data Transfer Workbench
ELSTER Electronic Tax Return
Electronic File Manager
Microsoft Outlook Integration
Payment Engine
XL Reporter
Use SAP Partner Add-Ons
Mobile Application
Sales Catalogue for Tablets