Online50 Accreditations

This gives an overview of the accreditations held by Online50.

Quality and Process Accreditations

Online50 is accredited to ISO 27001, the international standard for the management of Information Security

ISO 27001:2005
(Information Security)

Having been entrusted with the financial and business data of so many companies, we believe it is essential that we take the security of our service extremely seriously.  Annually we subject ourselves to an external audit which assesses whether our management are systematically identifying, developing and implementing plans to address the full range of security risks we could encounter.

We believe that entrusting your critical financial and other business data to a Cloud provider who is not ISO 27001 accredited is the equivalent of using a cowboy builder to build an extension onto your house.  You may get lucky, but the probability is you are going to experience significant pain.

Learn more at Online50: Certified Secure

Online50 are accredited to the International Standard for managing quality systems.

ISO 9001:2008 (for Quality)

Online50 is committed to providing a quality experience for users.  Most businesses will know how easy it is to let things slip during busy times.  The annual ISO 9001 audit is our opportunity to make sure we remain fully focussed on that quality experience.

Technical Services (ISP)

Online50 are members of RIPE - the European Internet Registry

Registered Internet
Services Provider (RIPE)

Online50 are members of RIPE - the European Internet authority (called a regional registry).  As such we are recognised as an official Internet Services Provider (ISP) - (although we may not be as famous as Plusnet or BT Broadband!) This means that we are in control of the Internet routing that connects users to our services, and also allows us to offer innovative solutions to our customers.

The user experience for all online software is heavily dependent on the quality of the Internet connection.  Online50 are able to provide an Internet connection which prioritises our own traffic into and out of a customer's location and ensures the best possible experience of our service.

Online50 are members of LINX - the hub of the UK Internet

The London Internet Exchange

We are members of LINX (the London INternet eXchange) and therefore connected directly into the UK backbone of the Internet.  This means users can connect to our services more directly, passing through a smaller number of intermediate steps.  As each step is a potential chance for a service disruption, minimising these steps provides the best possible experience.  We have found that users often see operational speeds faster than can be achieved using Sage 50 over a local network.

Industry Sector Partnerships

The UK200Group of quality assured professionals

UK200Group Prime Partner

We are Prime Partners of the UK200Group, the UK's leading quality assured membership association of independant firms of chartered accountants, legal firms and international associates.

In addition to working with many of the member firms, we have also provided additional services to the group, such as running IT forums as a technical specialist that does not sell in-house IT systems.  Our experience and expertise is provided to members through these forums on a good-will basis as part of our association.  We have also provided speakers for various events and for the last several years have provided the Wii challenge as part of the annual conference charity fundraising evening.

Software Vendor Partnerships

Online50 Are an OEM Partner of SAP

SAP OEM Partner

Online50 is an authorised OEM partner of SAP, which authorises us to provide SAP Business One software to customers as part of our solution.  Every customer subscribing for SAP Business One services with Online also has access to Online50's Ambition Forms technology for extending business processes to remote users.

Because of our OEM partnership with SAP we have the freedom to deliver and license our solution in ways that are not available to standard SAP partners, which allows us to craft our services to ensure you receive an outstanding SAP Business One experience.

Online50 are a Microsoft Silver Hosting Partner

Microsoft Hosting Partner

Online50 are an accredited hosting partner of Microsoft and have also been accredited as a Small Business Specialist.  These accreditations are given on a merit basis, and to maintain accreditation we need to demonstrate our skills with Microsoft technologies.

We have been members of the SPLA Programme (Service Provider Licensing Agreement) for more than a decade, which authorises us to provide Microsoft licenses to our customers on a calendar monthly basis.

With proven technical skills, the most flexible business model and an enviable track record we are the ideal partner to help you take your business into the cloud.

Online50 Are a Sage Authorised Application Service Partner

The Original Home of Sage 50 Accounts in the Cloud

Since it's birth, Online50 worked closey with Sage and for many years were Sage's only Authorised Application Service Provider. However this has meant that many people only thought of us as providers of Sage software.

Going forward Online50 will not partner with Sage so as to focus on the many other aspects of what we do. We can of course still host your Sage 50 Accounts software, but we can also host pretty much any other application, bring your whole office into the cloud, we can provide your Internet Connections and even your VoIP telehone network.

In short, if it's in the cloud or you want it in the cloud, Online50 has the answer to your needs.