Hosted Microsoft Project 2010

Hosted Microsoft Project

With Microsoft Project hosted, you can access state of the art project management software over the Internet from anywhere you need it, on a PC, on a Mac or even on your iPad.

Hosted Project includes everything you would usually enjoy in the desktop version of Project while being able to access it over the Internet and with flexible monthly pricing.

Project can be used to ensure optimal efficiency in teams with more roles than people. Almost anything with a defined start and end date could be managed in Project

Project includes:

Create Tasks

All the tasks required to achieve the project can be added. Tasks can be made dependent on other tasks - meaning the task can only start once the preceding task is complete. It is possible to get tasks to automatically reschedule themselves if other items in their critical path are changed.

Phases can be created, so that the tasks for one large project could be broken down (and distributed between ) key elements. For example, planning, delivery and evaluation.

Assign Tasks to People

Tasks can be allocated to the people who are to deliver the project. This can be used to keep an eye on each person's progress in achieving their allocated tasks.

Visual Overview of Projects

Using Gantt charts, it is possible to create an overview for the project which can easily be presented to a management team or the board.

Monthly Pricing

Purchased upfront this software is going to cost hundreds of pounds. With Hosted Project from Online50, Project is available for as little as one calendar month at a time. At just £15 per user per month, this is very good value for money!