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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Online

Flightdeck is a highly effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which is used in organisations of various types across the country. CRM is about managing relationships with customers and others, bringing together all related information so that you can manage these relationships effectively, making them as mutually beneficial as possible.

Improved Customer Experience - Increased Profit

CRM is not just about software, it is an operational strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability through improving the customer experience.

Improve Customer Retention

Organisations we work with are often frustrated that they lose contact with customers or other individuals or fail to communicate well with their target audience. In today’s competitive environment, improving customer loyalty needs to be at the forefront of any strategy for the future.

Customer Loyalty

A customer needs to feel that they are valued and that they have a significant relationship with you. They need to feel that they have something to lose if their association with you deteriorates. It takes time and effort to build up customer loyalty so that managing customer relationships needs to be a systematic and routine part of your operations.

It Makes Sense

Having invested your time, effort and resources in attracting a new customer, it makes total sense to put modest resources into retaining that customer.

Customised To Your Business

Although it is possible to work with Flightdeck 'out of the box', to get the best return on investment, most users want to tailor the Flightdeck system to reflect the nature of their business.  Flightdeck is highly configurable and can support new kinds of records and new business processes easily so it can be made to do almost anything you need it to.  Instead of having bespoke software written for your business, the Flightdeck system provides a way of capturing the information flow in your business in a way that makes sense to your business.

Flightdeck Integrates with Sage 50 and MS Office

Why waste time transferring customer records from your CRM to Sage?  There are different levels of integration possible with Flightdeck — including the ability to initiate Sales Orders from directly within the CRM program.  Some integrations may need the use of a customised 'Add-In' which can quickly and easily be activated for you on the Online50 platform if required.

Unlike some other CRM systems, Flightdeck embraces other systems rather then trying to replace them.  For example you can still use Outlook for your email and calendaring and have all of the information (including the text of emails and diary appointments) present in Flightdeck.  Flightdeck allows you to use the familiar and powerful tools of MS Office, while benefiting from the speed of the Flightdeck system and its ability to link and cross reference information.